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In DEFENCE of the D Style Woman

Updated: May 20

In my coaching practice I'm meeting women who need help with their self worth because they are a bit too much. I'm supporting High School students who will be Lawyers and graduates who will create businesses that haven't been thought of yet and women in the workplace who feel too scared to even act because of their D style traits.

If you are a woman who is a bit too much or you are a person who knows a woman who is a bit too much. READ ON!

I came across this meme on social media and I love it. Women all over the world will look at this post and say their version of AMEN SISTER.

What actually happens when a woman starts shattering glass ceilings?

She starts to get advice....

  • You better not break all the glass at once!

  • Can you do that a little more discreetly?

  • People don't like people who break glass dear!

  • Remember that you can't put it back together after you've broken it!

  • It's not very lady like to be breaking the glass!

  • Why don't you leave that to the men?

We like the idea of SHATTERING GLASS CEILINGS but the second a woman starts to do it she gets jumped on and advised to pull her glass breaking ways into order.

The "Natural" Glass Breaking woman is a D style in DISC Theory.

Less than 10% of society is made up of individuals with a D style (DISC theory is a way of describing the behavioural styles of people.)

In many cultures if a male is a D style it is a sign of strength, power and honour. So the attributes of D styles are regularly celebrated - for men. If you are a woman and you have these traits you might feel the need to TONE DOWN for the general population.

D style women will often head into entreprenuership and self employment because they are burned out by being told the are too much in the workplace.

Organisations who are toning down their D style women are reducing the opportunities for glass ceilings to be shattered.

Let's look at what the D styles strengths are.

🔥To speak directly and not hint or beat around the bush. They say it like it is and when others fear the consequences and fall out, D styles have the courage to speak. #courageousconversations

🔥To spot incompetence a mile away. They can smell it, see it and hear it. The competence radar of a D style is like the eyeball of an Eagle, finely tuned and able to see what others cannot see (or choose not to see). The D style never asks of others what they wouldn't ask of themselves. Their own personal competence radar is high. #beyourbest #doyourbest

🔥To move the mountain that everyone else says is unmoveable. To open the doors that everyone else says are locked. The D style looks for the ways that things can happen and is not blindsided by the obstacles. #unlockthatdoor

🔥To increase productivity and efficiency. The joy zone of the D style is to find a better way and to make the process better. Little tweaks here and there, giant changes when required; they are an improvement seeking missile. #betterisevenbetter

🔥To keep going when the road has collapsed and the fuels run out. The D style has tenacity, energy, fiery determination and guts. They will keep forging through when everyone else has gone home and given up. #perseveranceplus

If we keep asking D style women to TONE DOWN then we aren't going to get the glass ceilings shattered

I'm not condoning bullying, intimidation, cruelty, workplace harrassment or rudeness. If the behaviour of a D style crosses the line and is inappropriate and offensive - this is not OK. But check back on those 5 flames I shared and remember that you can't light a fire and expect it to burn with water being thrown on it from the sidelines.

SPECIAL NOTE: This blog is not claiming an exclusive right to smashing glass ceilings by D style women alone. Nor do I mean anyone to interpret that only D style women are strong, capable and productive. Please do not read into this blog that only the D woman is effective. This post is about honouring and encouraging the D style woman and in doing so it is NOT diminishing the other 3 styles.

Watch this space as the I, S and C style women get profiled - coming soon!

If you are a woman who has been told to TONE it DOWN come and join the D club. The place where D style women support each other and encourage each other when the going gets tough. Entry is by invitation only. Email

BSc.psychology, Diploma Professional Coaching, Master Trainer Extended DISC.

Marina is a coach, professional development expert, and facilitator who specialises in helping people develop themselves so they can be the best version of themselves and conduct their personal and professional lives more effectively.

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