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In CELEBRATION of the I Style Woman

What actually happens when a woman starts lighting up the room with her vibrant energy and charisma?

She starts to get advice....

  • You better not be so loud all the time!

  • Can you tone down the enthusiasm just a bit?

  • People don't like people who are always the center of attention

  • Remember that it's not always appropriate to be so outgoing!

  • Why don't you let others have the spotlight?

We love the idea of an Influential woman making her mark, but the second she starts to do it, she gets advised to pull her bright and infectious ways into order.

The "Natural" Charismatic woman is an I style in DISC Theory. Less than 30% of society is made up of individuals with an I style (DISC theory is a way of describing the behavioral styles of people).

I style women will often excel in roles that require social interaction and creativity because they thrive in environments where they can be their dynamic selves.

Organisations that stifle their I style women are reducing the opportunities for innovation and vibrant team dynamics.

Let's look at what the I style strengths are.

🎉 To inspire and uplift others. They have a natural ability to motivate and encourage those around them, spreading positivity and enthusiasm. #motivationmaster

🎉 To build and maintain relationships. I styles are excellent at networking and connecting people, creating strong, cohesive teams. #networkingqueen

🎉 To think creatively and outside the box. Their imaginative minds can bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to challenges. #creativityunleashed

🎉 To communicate effectively and persuasively. I styles can convey ideas clearly and convincingly, often bringing people on board with new initiatives. #communicationchampion

🎉 To maintain high energy and passion. Their zest for life keeps the momentum going and can re-energize projects and teams. #energiserbunny

If we keep asking I style women to DIM THEIR LIGHT, we are going to miss out on the vibrant energy and innovation they bring.

I'm not condoning excessive attention-seeking, inappropriate behavior, or disregard for others' contributions. If the behavior of an I style crosses the line and becomes disruptive, this is not OK. But check back on those five celebrations I shared and remember that you can't expect a light to shine without providing the room for it to glow.

SPECIAL NOTE: This blog is not claiming an exclusive right to making impactful contributions by I style women alone. Nor do I mean anyone to interpret that only I style women are charismatic and engaging. Please do not read into this blog that only the I woman is effective. This post is about honoring and encouraging the I style woman, and in doing so, it is NOT diminishing the other three styles.

Jo Mathieson

Head of People and Development

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