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Wellbeing Development

Thrive and Revive Training

Health and wellbeing must be the foundation on which every other life goal is placed.  If we don't have our health and wellbeing as a priority then all the other goals we create will be minimised by these.  All the functions that organisations strive to excel in are best when their team have prioritised and are actively engaged in caring for their health and wellbeing.

Customer Service is the best when it is delivered from a representative who is caring for their wellbeing.  Sales is more enjoyable when the representative looks and sounds healthy and optimised in themselves.  Your team members are an advertisement for your organisation, what image are they portraying and is it possible that you could all be more tuned into the collective wellbeing of the organisation?


How can Wellbeing Development help?

When an organisation prioritises health and wellbeing then every team member feels empowered to make this their own highest priority.  The results will speak for themselves and will be a natural consequences of a healthy and optimised team who prioritise self care.

In-company training means your team can grow together and support each other on their journey of collective team wellbeing

Individuals feel cared for when their organisation spends money on their wellbeing

Regular WOF's help to check in that everyone is still on track and meeting their personal targets and goals for wellbeing

Happy team members means there is a greater chance of happy customers.

Thrive and Revive Topics

Image representing business training workshops offered by Profile Coaching NZ
We will work with your team to help them develop their own wellbeing goals

These may include, but are not limited to: 

  • Physical activity

  • Sleep improvement

  • Stress Management

  • Overwhelm and burnout

  • Values

  • Mindfulness

  • Creativity

Image of a happy productive team meeting after some Profile Coaching NZ team development workshops.

Ready to help your organisation in their Wellbeing Development?

At Profile Coaching we also offer the following services.


Our qualified business coaches conduct profiling and work 1-1 to help according to your needs.

Team Development

Customised content that will build your team to understand each other and work together more effectively and more productively.

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