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Business Coaching

What is coaching?

Business coaching is driven by the client and in a business context usually involves areas for professional development like gaining personal confidence, managing crises, coping with stress, handling conflict in the workplace, assertive communication, giving and receiving feedback, leadership skills, relationship building, time management, delegation skills and other organisational skills.

Business coaching is not therapy or counselling.  Coaching helps to identify self-limiting beliefs and behaviours, helps individuals to look forward, and helps them take action to improve their performance. 

Coaching is always delivered one to one, via Zoom or face to face. Our team of professional coaches are located around the country.


How can professional coaching help?

Business coaching can help you with your relationships and assist you in your communication with other people. When you become confident and competent in the areas that you currently struggle with you can relax and enjoy the job instead of feeling stressed by your inadequacies.

Receive respect you deserve

Better relationships

Increased job satisfaction

Better communication

Leadership skills

More able to cope with stress

Who will coach you?


Director, Marina Shearer

BSc. Psych, Dip Professional Coaching, Master Trainer HR Profiling Australasia

Our qualified and experienced coaches are passionate about people development. That's what drives them.

Our team of professionally qualified and certified business coaches are located throughout New Zealand and offer one to one coaching via Zoom or face to face. Once we've identified your individual needs we'll assign the right coach to you.

Workplaces we've helped make better

"Our underlying goal was to learn more about ourselves, so that we could building a great team culture. Marina's skill, knowledge, expertise and guidance was very evident through the process. It was her compassion and empathy that enabled us to have complete trust in her and be able to talk openly with her. This proved the most valuable of all. We now have some great tools to move forward with.


Without hesitation I'd recommend her services - you'll enjoy the experience."

Barry Winter

WealthView Manager, AMP

Image of a happy productive team meeting after a Profile Coaching business coaching session.

Ready to use professional business coaching to amplify your performance and confidence in the workplace?

At Profile Coaching we don't just offer business coaching, we can also help in the following ways.


Our qualified business coaches conduct profiling and work 1-1 to help according to your needs.

Team Development

Workshops tailored to meet the professional development needs of your organisation.

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