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What is profiling?

Self understanding is the cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence.  Psychometric profiling helps you to know and understand yourself; giving you an insight into your own behaviours and the opportunity to reflect upon those that are serving you well and those that are not.

The second level of Emotional Intelligence is learning how to understand other people and navigate your way through your personal and professional relationships more effectively. This understanding will help you to be more effective at home and at work.

Profiling is not putting you into a pigeon hole, it does not restrict you or define you; it's a tool for self awareness and self growth.

Profiling is most effective when delivered in a one on one context with a qualified coach however it is possible to offer a group debrief opportunity for organisations that prefer that option.  Profiling debriefs are 60 minutes for a one on one session, a debrief will uncover potential future coaching opportunities.

Image of a business coach doing psychometric profiling, Profile Coaching NZ

How can profiling help your team?

Profiling helps to identify individual's competencies, strengths and communication preferences; some of our reports can be customised to your organisations requirements.  When profiling is done as a team activity you can develop a group’s potential by growing together.   Move your team faster through the stages of team development from forming through storming, onto norming and finally performing.

More job satisfaction

Less stress and sick leave

Happier teams

Better productivity

Less churn - people leaving

Less complaints

Watch the video to learn more about Extended DISC Profiling

What tools do we use?

We are professionally qualified to use a wide range of world-class profiling tools. The best product for your organisation will be offered to you once we have discussed your team and your needs.

Logo of The Leadership Circle psychometric profiling tool used by Profile Coaching NZ
Logo of Strong Certified psychometric profiling tool used by Profile Coaching NZ
Logo of Institute for Social & Emotional Intelligence psychometric profiling tool used by Profile Coaching NZ
Logo of Prepare/Enrich psychometric profiling tool used by Profile Coaching NZ
Logo of Clifton Strengths psychometric profiling tool used by Profile Coaching NZ
Image of Marina Shearer - Director & Extended DISC Master Trainer at Profile Coaching NZ

Director, Marina Shearer

BSc. Psych, Dip Professional Coaching, Master Trainer HR Profiling Australasia

Our qualified and experienced coaches are passionate about people development. That's what drives them.

Profile Coaching guides individuals and teams through the often daunting process of professional development. We do it with professionalism, understanding and empathy. Our clients learn about themselves, and their team members and learn new communication tools. Through these new tools, they will improve their relationships and this will boost their productivity and performance. This leads to tolerance, reduced conflict, and greater harmony.

All while boosting your own self confidence.

Workplaces we've helped make better

"I've used Extended DISC® profiling system for my entire career, in every organisation I've worked in I've chosen Extended DISC® to help me to discover what makes people tick and how I can help them to be the best version of themselves.


For 8 years I've been using the Extended DISC® version in my people development and I've loved all the extra information that it gives me and my team.

DISC has made my career easier and helped me to grow people and help people in a more targeted way."

Jo Mathieson

Head of People & Development, Total Life

Image of a productive team after team profiling by Profile Coaching NZ
Image by Dylan Gillis

Ready to use profiling to identify the opportunities that exist for you, your team or organisation?

At Profile Coaching we don't just offer profiling, we can also help in the following ways.


Professional business coaching customised to the specific needs of you and your team.

Team Development

Workshops tailored to meet the professional development needs of your organisation.

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