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In CELEBRATION of the S Style Woman

Updated: Jul 7

Continuing the Journey of my DISC style women today with another friend who helped in the content development. Thank you Janelle Richards for being my friend since childhood and stepping up to be the face of the DOVE.

In Support of the S Style Woman

What actually happens when a woman is the steady rock everyone relies on? A few things happen over time.

She starts to get advice from people who don’t understand her DISC style;

⦿Can you be a little more assertive and speak up more in meetings?

⦿Remember that it's not always about keeping the peace

⦿It's not very ambitious to be so accommodating

⦿Why do you let people walk all over you?

Whilst we love the idea of a Steady woman holding things together, this trait can also be misinterpreted as weakness. The "Natural" Supportive woman is an S style in DISC Theory.

Around 30% of society is made up of individuals with an S style (DISC theory is a way of describing the behavioral styles of people).

S style women will often excel in roles that require consistency, empathy, and teamwork because they thrive in environments where they can provide stability and support.

Organisations that overlook their S style women are reducing the opportunities for building strong, cohesive, and dependable teams.

Let's look at what the S style strengths are:

🕊️ To provide unwavering support and reliability. They are the backbone of many teams, always ready to offer a helping hand and a steady presence if they’re in a supportive environment. #supportsystem

🕊️ To create harmony and resolve conflicts. S styles excel at keeping the peace and ensuring that everyone feels heard and valued. #peacemaker

🕊️To be patient and attentive listeners. They take the time to understand others' perspectives and provide thoughtful, considerate responses. #empatheticlistener

🕊️To work consistently and diligently. S styles bring a steady, dependable work ethic that ensures tasks are completed thoroughly and on time. #reliableworker

🕊️To nurture and build strong relationships. Their caring nature fosters trust and loyalty, creating a supportive and collaborative environment. #relationshipbuilder

If we keep asking S style women to be more assertive or less empathic, we are going to miss out on the stability and support they bring.

S style women always have a strong opinion but will often hold it back if more dominant people are in the group. If they’re in a supportive, non-threatening environment, S style women will bring a unique balance to the workplace. Their empathic, thoughtful insights can bring a cohesive balance of ideas and thoughts to a meeting that may be filled with more dominant, less empathic personalities.

It is a mistake to think that S style women don’t have drive and ambition due to their quieter nature. Ask any S style woman and they will most likely tell you to never mistake their softer personality for weakness. They know their own strength and want those around them will let them excel at what they do best and not dismiss their quieter nature as being inferior to others.

Having an S style should not be interpreted as passivity, complacency or a lack of ambition. However, as their personality style is of a more gentle ilk, stronger personalities can interpret it as weakness and this is why understanding the different personality styles is so important in the workplace and in social circles.

SPECIAL NOTE: This blog is not claiming an exclusive right to creating a supportive environment by S style women alone. Nor do I mean anyone to interpret that only S style women are dependable and nurturing. Please do not read into this blog that only the S woman is effective. This post is about honoring and encouraging the S style woman, and in doing so, it is NOT diminishing the other three styles.

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