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Image of Prajesh Chhanabhai a business coach at Profile Coaching NZ


  • BSc in Computer Science and Information Systems,

  • MSc in Health Informatics.

  • Diploma in Professional Coaching,

  • NLP Master Practitioner,

  • MindsetRx level 2 coach,

  • ICF accredited Transformational Coach

  • Mindful X Coach


Prajesh Chhanabhai

Prajesh has working in the tertiary education space for 17 years. (University of Otago, University of British Columbia, guest lecturer Stanford University, Rhodes University).

Prajesh was raised in Zimbabwe, and now resides in New Zealand where he aims to be outdoors as often and exploring new areas while learning about different ways of thinking by meeting people from all walks of life. He has used this passion to also run a podcast called “Baskets of Knowledge” which shares stories from young people across the world.

Prajesh works with people that are seeking the next level in their life (from students to CEOs) He has coached people to move from employees to employers, from coach potatoes to athletes, from stuck in a rut to being ultra-productive. His philosophy is based on “awareness precedes change”, this is the foundation of all his coaching.

His specialty is working with individuals that are at a crossroads in their life. Irrespective of the context, he works to help his clients move the needle forward in the area of life that is holding them back. He works on the premise that with 10 year’s experience he is the expert of the coaching process and client is the expert in their lived experience, this allows for powerful and long-lasting change

"I reached out to Prajesh to help me with letting go of anger and getting back to my authentic positive self who I have left behind.


He made me feel very comfortable and at ease, which isn’t often easily done for someone who is highly anxious, especially about the unknown! After one zoom call Prajesh has helped me to recognise when I am having those angry thoughts, acknowledge they exist, and go to a place where I can let them go and focus on the positive, which is my biggest challenge.


Thank you Prajesh for recognising my nervousness, helping me through that and then helping me with some mindset strategies. I feel very lucky to be able to work with you."


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