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Never wipe your feet on the Doormat

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

Are you one of those high achieving, fast paced, action oriented machines at work? Do you operate quickly, move at the speed of lightening and want things to happen. Action! Change! Forward movement! Decisions! Productivity! Efficiency!

The S STYLE at work are saying yes to your face and smiling and nodding they are “obliging”. Their entire demeanour communicates helpfulness and kindness and they always appear to be willing, approachable, considerate and "available".

To all intents and purposes you think they are just fine, they nodded, they said “all good” and they left smiling but when they got back to their desk they were dark on the inside, they just made sure that they showed kindness on the outside. Here is what they were thinking that you never heard and never will.

Do they think I don’t have enough to do already?

Did they even think about asking me if I had time?

Did they show any gratitude for the work I’ve done today?

Did they notice the project I completed before the deadline?

Did they even say Please?

Did they ask me what my timeframe looked like?

Did they ask me what I thought about the changes?

Did they even think to check in with how I’m coping at the moment in my world?

While they are working on your changes and improvements they are berating you for your lack of consideration and interest in them. When they have finished they find their smile again and let you know that they are done so you don’t see any signs of their inner musings.

These men and women are the glue that holds the universe together; their calm, patience, endless willingness to serve and loyalty should never be taken for granted.

If you know the DISC quadrants this blog was about the S type.

S = Steady, Stable, Solid, 😇SAINTLY😇

S = 🕊The Dove

If you are a Leader, Manager, Business Owner you need to know your S-Type team members and you need to know how to care, nurture, empower, listen and support them. We can help with this, our Team Development work can lift your team to more effective collaboration and productivity.

BSc.psychology, Diploma Professional Coaching, Master Trainer

Marina is a coach, professional development expert, and facilitator who specialises in helping people develop themselves so they can be the best version of themselves and conduct their personal and professional lives more effectively.

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