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  • BA  Applied Management

  • Certified Extended DISC Practitioner


Grant Elliott

From 2009 - 2018 Grant played cricket as a BlackCap for NZ.  Now Grant is coaching for teams and organisations using a mixture of experience in International cricket and qualifications gained from Applied Management at Otago Polytechnic.

In 2023 Grant certified as an Extended DISC practitioner and was booked by Air NZ to develop one of their key product teams.  

Grant is a people person with high energy and great stories from the field that will help to inspire and motivate people on their own journey of personal and professional development.

Marina is certified & qualified to offer the following services

Strong Interest Inventory – a careers tool highly recommended for senior students and young adults contemplating their future opportunities

Extended DISC® profiling – for individuals, couples and teams.

Prepare/Enrich – couples relationship coaching for those couples preparing for marriage or wanting to work on their relationships.

Team Coaching and Profiling – designed to help teams connect, relate and perform.

Strategic Development – custom created according to your needs.

Conflict Resolution – resolving conflict and managing yourself through the process.

Sustain – managing stress and coping with overwhelm and burnout.

Image of Extended DISC Master Trainer qualification, which is held by Marina Shearer at Profile Coaching NZ

Marina is also a qualified Master Trainer for Extended DISC® training for professional business coaches. 

Logo of Ravensdown - a client of Profile Coaching business coaches New Zealand.

"I requested Marina to profile my team for their professional development. She conducted 1-1 Zoom coaching with them including myself. Our team has gained understanding of themselves, clients and suppliers.


As our team operates in a forever evolving industry we now have the tools we will continue to use to keep us at the leading edge of our industry."

Will Waddell

Team Leader, Ravensdown

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