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Jacque Allen

Jacque is a dynamic independent consultant specialising in leadership and innovation within the education and corporate realms. With a rich background in teaching and leading spanning primary, secondary, and university education, she brings a wealth of experience to her work, tailored to diverse age groups and a myriad of challenges. Jacque is renowned for her relationship-cantered leadership approach, fostering collaboration and empowerment.


Her recent appointment as the JEDI Chair for Learning Environments Australasia underscores her commitment to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). Collaborating with international teams based in NZ, Australia, North America, and Canada, Jacque spearheads initiatives aimed at raising awareness and implementing strategies for positive change.


As an accredited facilitator in cultural capability, Jacque extends her coaching to enhance cultural and social intelligence, leveraging the differences we have as strengths for building a more cohesive and inclusive society.


  • Master of Management

  • Graduate Diploma in Business

  • Diploma in Teaching

  • Senior Consultant in Leadership and Collaboration

  • Leadership Team Coach

  • Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Chair (LEA) 

  • Ministry of Education Accredited Pedagogical and Cultural Capability Facilitator


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