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Image of Glenn Livingstone - Christchurch based Extended DISC Practitioner & Coach at Profile Coaching NZ


  • Bachelor of Arts 

  • Social Anthropology and Linguistics

  • Bachelor of Theology (Pastoral Theology)

  • Chartered Member, New Zealand Institute of Directors

  • Diploma in Professional Coaching 


Glenn Livingstone

A Presbyterian Minister by background, Glenn has also been a Christchurch City Councillor for nine years, representing the city during the best and worst of times. Post-quake, Glenn promoted the concept of an independent Earthquake Tribunal through the Christchurch City Council, which has since been established by the government.

Glenn has always been “fascinated by what makes people tick”, which has drawn him towards the work of Carl Jung, his work being the inspiration of many Coaching tools today, such as Extended DISC.

Glenn is a member of the NZ Institute of Directors, chairs two boards and sits on two others. A facilitator also with ‘The Networkers’, a business networking group, Glenn’s own coaching business is the aptly named ‘Leap of faith’, a title befitting of his profession and serial participation in the iconic Coast to Coast endurance event.

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